Technology Recruiting and Staffing Services Calgary | Team
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Meet the crew

“Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.” – Virginia Burden

Mike Bizri

Operations & Recruitment

As Head of Operations and Talent Acquisition, Mike plays a critical role in ensuring excellence in our day-to-day business operations, and that Nuun hires the best possible talent to meet our client’s immediate and future needs.

Feras Nasser

Strategy & Business Development

As Nuun’s account handler and customer experience advocate, Feras is focused on driving the company’s emotional quotient (EQ) to deepen relationships and broaden connections with customers and talent.

Niladri Roy

Associate & Talent Consulting

Head of talent development and nurturing programs. Through in-depth consultation, Mike draws on proven processes and deep industry knowledge to create programs tailored to your unique competence and leadership challenges.