Technology Recruiting and Staffing Services Calgary | Calgary's Recruiting and Staffing Firm Specializing in Digital and Technology Talent Acquisition
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what we are about

We use technology, domain expertise and a touch of intuition to match and connect high-calibre professionals with great businesses in the Digital, Communications, Business and Technology sectors.


As a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, creative folk, digital generalists and consultants, we specialize in Digital, Marketing, Communications, Application Development, Mobile, Creative & Design, ICT, Telecom, Project Management, Business Strategy, Social Media, Sales & Big Data.


As true experts in our fields, we match talent with brands by competencies and not capabilities. We dig deep to discover talent ranging from true qualifications, to team dynamics, to economics that fit our clients’ financial scale. Furthermore, we nurture elite talent to addresses such concerns.


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Why NUUN Recruiting & Staffing Svcs?

We match talent qualified to address our client’s typical challenges, ranging from real competence, to team dynamics, to economics that fit their financial position.

Real Competency & High-Calibre Qualification

Domain-Specific Qualifications

Nuun has a tried and tested track record in finding and nurturing brilliance, attainable only through in-depth knowledge of your industry. We match your company with talent that have extensive experience relevant to the role you’re trying to fill.

High-Calibre Quality

Beyond their brilliant and technical competence, our talent are screened on their soft skills including attitude, ethical values, energy, education, and domain-proficiency. We are committed to helping you talent as assets and not as employees.

Money-Back Guarantee

For every Nuun-candidate hired, you will have a trial period to validate your decision and a true culture-fit. If you don’t find them extraordinary, our team will work with you to replace the candidate, and you can even keep any work completed during the trial or get your money back.

Culture & Team Dynamics

Short Learning Curve

We work with you to fully understand your team culture, technical infrastructure and business model to ensure talent is ready to hit the ground running. We verify and confirm their ability to seamlessly and quickly adapt to your team and environment.

Collaboration & Communications

Our prescreening techniques help identify talent with strong emphasis on their proven collaboration, cross-functional or within their functional areas. Very early, we determine whether a candidate can convey complex concepts clearly to all stakeholders.

Agility & Flexibility

Our process is designed to help you scale your team in weeks. We’re trusted by ambitious brands looking to build their start-up teams, fill positions for specific projects, ramp-up during “crunch-times” and/or find people who will make a lasting difference. We'll help you transition through these milestones.

Your Bottom-Line Financials

Low Fees, Cost-Effective Pricing

We are committed to offering value of access to quality talent at a price that is practical and economical. Our fees are competitive, straight forward and backed by our money-back guarantee.

More Value

You didn’t reach your financial scale by not building the right team and products. We understand it took substantial investment of time, sweat and careful allocation of capital. That's why we offer talent ready to augment your team on a variable-cost model and help you go-to-market fast.

Savings Incentives

In addition to our competitive fees, with Nuun you can forego added payroll expenses such as benefits, employee taxes, vacation pay, administrative costs, and more. Nuun offers freelancers, contractors and/or PEO services.

far, wide & everything in between

Demand in both Canada and US has been growing, but also, we are noticing growth from across the continents. From Europe, to Latin America, to the MENA region we are seeing a boom across the market. Particularly, this is true in the GCC region, which is why we are now fully operational in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Oman.



Our rates are highly competitive and we place talented individuals into projects around the world. From global teams working Mega projects to small start-up teams in remote locations. Let us help you ramp up your competencies.


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